We’re sure that all Telehealth Victoria Community of Practice members and participants will join us in thanking Lindy Johnson, the COP Coordinator, for her amazing work in 2017/18. Lindy has been instrumental in the success of the COP in its first year – keeping the project (and the project leads!) on track, organizing and facilitating activities, being a conduit for communication and collaboration, and evaluating and adapting the COP to always try to better meet your needs.

Communities of practice take time to develop, and the work Lindy has put in over the past year has gone a long way to setting the Telehealth Victoria Community of Practice on the path to sustained success. Now we all just have to continue her great work!

Lindy’s last day is Thursday 1st February, and then she is taking a break for a while to focus on her family. We do hope to see her at least ‘lurking’ in the telehealth space in the future – if not taking up new telehealth challenges!

We can’t thank Lindy enough for all her hard work and support for us.

Thanks and good luck!

Alice and Susan