The COP works with it’s members, the DHHS and other partners to develop and source guidelines and other resources that provide a common base of information for health services. These shared resources support the development of consistent practice and reduce the learning curve for implementation of telehealth access in Victoria.

Telehealth Starter Kit

The Telehealth Starter Kit provides useful resources for people new to telehealth in Victoria. This has been developed through the experience of members of the COP and links you to information that they have found useful to plan and begin implementation of telehealth.

Telehealth Implementation Resource Kit

The Telehealth Implementation Resource Kit provides access to resources that have been developed by the COP, its members and member organisations, and is designed to help public health services in Victoria get started with or further develop telehealth access.

COP workshops

This page includes the resources associated with and arising from the 5 workshops held in 2017.

COP webinars

This page includes information about and any resources associated with and arising from the webinars held in 2017, and cover interpreters and telehealth, promotion of telehealth, telehealth in pre-admission clinics and Victorian presentations at SFT-17.


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