Members of the COP can use the Discussions link to:

  • Create topics / categories about different telehealth-related issues
  • Post questions and contribute answers and ideas
  • Share resources, information etc.
  • Search past posts for subjects they are interested in
  • Search the member database and find contacts

Guidelines for participation

  • Make your question title relevant
  • One question per post
  • Be concise

Collation of ideas for sharing with DHHS

Where the COP members wish to collaborate and collate information to provide input to the DHHS:

  • A COP member is nominated as the ‘facilitator’ of a discussion
  • A discussion forum question will be used to pose the issue and gather feedback, examples, evidence, and expectations/needs
  • Within a defined timeframe, the discussion facilitator will collate input from COP members
  • The discussion facilitator will submit the feedback to DHHS via the CoP-DHHS Communication Form

The DHHS will provide a response:

  • Directly to the discussion facilitator
  • Within the discussion forum

Requests for input from the DHHS

Equally the DHHS may request feedback or input from the COP members

  • DHHS will start a discussion forum question to request feedback on an item/topic, and set a timeframe
  • COP members will provide input
  • DHHS will provide a final summary, or version of a document etc.